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Why Stainless Steel Sink?

Why do the makers of Thermoset India's Sinks believe quality stainless steel is best? - There are a lot of reasons!

1. Stainless steel is sanitary
Since stainless steel is an inert product, it will not hold bacteria. That's important, because the sink is a main area for preparing food.

2. Stainless steel is durable
Stainless steel "wears like iron". Quality stainless steel has inherent long-life properties that do not diminish over time and use.

3. Stainless steel is forgiving
Because sinks made of enamelled cast iron are rigid they can destroy a glass or piece of fine china that accidentally slips from your hand. Stainless steel however, has resilience that pampers your fine china and glassware.

4. Stainless steel is heat resistant
Stainless steel can withstand extreme temperatures, boiling water or hot pans out of the oven, or a tray full of ice cubes. Some of the other sink materials could be damaged when exposed to extreme temperature changes. Don't even think about placing super hot pans on your counter.

5. Stainless steel is not affected by ultra-violet light
UV rays do not affect stainless steel. However, UV rays can actually damage and fade colours of some plastic materials.

6. Stainless steel looks good
Many of the premium kitchen appliance manufactures use stainless steel for their products. A quality stainless steel sink complements these appliances. Whether your kitchen is done in white or bold colours, the neutral and practical soft silver finish will harmonize with any kitchen colour scheme.

If you add up all these reasons, there is no better choice of material for a sink than quality stainless steel.