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Other Feature

Plastic Coating for Protection

Clark and stanish sinks are specially supplied with plastic guard so as to protect it while installation. Thus no cement or other particles can damage the sink. After you complete the installation, just peel off the film from the sink. It retains the finish and freshness. Not a stain on its beauty! It is safe and scratch free installation all the way.

Sound Deadning Pad

Every Sinks comes with a unique sound suppression pad to minimize the noise of utensil washing on the sink

Ceramic Coated Sink

Ceramic Coating is a special type of coating applied on rear side of the sink to protect the sink form rust, gives rigidity & lowers the sound at its most.

Single Beeding Edge

The edges of the sink is single bended to provide regidity & better looks to the sink.

Triple Beeding Edge

The edges of the sink is triple bended to give rigidity & better looks to the sink. The type of the bend is all upto the choice of customer.

Sealant Tape

The sealant tape is meant to give a proper grip & placement to the sink while its installation. Tape

Silicon Sealant

The Silicon Sealant is a kind of adhesive meant to fix the sink efficiently on the mount top.