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Why do the makers of Thermoset India's Sinks believe quality stainless steel is best? - There are a lot of reasons!

1. Can I use steel wool or metal scouring pads to clean my sink?
These should never be used to clean your sink as they will leave a residue of small iron particles. They may not be readily visible, but they will lead to rusting and corrosion of the sink

2. How do I get rid of mineral deposits in my sink?
Should mineral deposits build up over time, use a weak solution of vinegar and water to remove the deposits, followed by flushing the surface with water. The quality of your water can affect the sinks appearance and varies from household to household.

3. Is it safe to leave cast iron cookware or other unfinished metals in my sink?
Don't leave mild steel or cast iron cookware and implements on the sink for extended periods of time. The combination of iron and moisture can lead to staining.

4. Can I use a rubber dish mat in my sink?
Avoid leaving rubber dish mats, wet sponges or cleaning pads in the sink overnight as they will trap water underneath which could lead to staining and discolouration of the sink surface.

5 .Can I use chlorine bleach on my sink?
Do not use chlorine bleach in any sink.

6. Are Thermoset India's stainless steel sinks corrosion resistant?
Thermoset India's sinks are made of stainless steel with a high nickel content for added corrosion resistance. A mark or scratch will not damage its corrosion resistance qualities due to a protective oxide film that is self-healing. A protective layer forms immediately which prevents bacteria from forming or corrosion from setting in.

7. Will stainless steel sinks withstand extreme temperature?
Stainless steel stands up to high hot or cold temperatures, along with sudden temperature changes. That means you can drain hot boiling pasta in your sink, followed with a rinse of ice cold water, without causing any damage to your sink's surface.

8. How tough is stainless?
Once the stainless steel is cut, formed and pressed into a Thermoset India's sink, it holds its shape beautifully. And with stainless, there's no need to worry about chipping or staining. Stains can be removed with a mild abrasive without affecting the sink's surface.

9. What type of sound deadening do Thermoset India's Stainless Steel sinks feature?
Sound deadening pads are installed on all Thermoset India's models to eliminate unwanted sounds.

10. Will my new stainless steel sink scratch?
As with most things, your stainless steel sink will scratch with use. However, over time as the sink ages, scratches will become less apparent and in fact blend into the surface.

11. What's the difference between an undermount and topmount (or 'drop-in') sink?
Topmount sinks are installed above the countertop. They are the easiest to install and are often the way to go for the Do-It-Yourself.
Undermount sinks are installed to the underside of the countertop and provide a seamless look. Professional installation is recommended for this application.

12. Why is water spotting my sink?
If water is left standing anywhere on your stainless steel sink, it will evaporate and leave spots on the surface of the steel. These spots can be removed with regular dish soap, water and a soft cloth. For removing heavier residue, see cleaning guide above.

13. May I use a smaller cabinet than what Thermoset India recommends?
It is not recommended. The cabinet sizes Thermoset India recommends take into account standard cabinet sizes without modification, sink dimensions, installation methods and hardware.

14. Can I drill faucet holes in my granite sink?
Do not drill holes into granite sinks. Please follow the installation directions included with your sink packaging for knocking out faucet holes.

15. Can I drill faucet holes in my stainless steel sink?
Adding additional holes to your sink is not recommended and will, in fact, void your warranty. Many of our stainless steel sinks are offered with faucet hole count options. The distributor you are dealing with will be able to guide you through these options.

16. Can a topmount sink be undermounted?
Thermoset India does not recommend that you undermount a topmount sink. We do not provide any installation hardware or instructions for such an application. This will also void the warranty on the sink. Please note that Thermoset India produces dual mount sinks that can be installed as a topmount or undermount.